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Deep deep down at the bottom of the ocean is where the evil Dr. Taco reigns. His biggest dream is to conquer the entire ocean. Together with his business partner, Mr. Rhino, they sponsor a high-tech project called «Crab Dub». The project's ultimate goal is to create an army of Cyber-Crabs that would faithfully serve Dr. Taco and help him to fulfill his evil plan. However, the underwater inhabitants very soon discover about this project. They hire Cats-Killers to stop Dr. Taco and his companion. Mr. Rhino decides not to wait for the «Crab Dub» project to be completed and launches the first Cyber-Crab prototype. It's mission is to eliminate the Cats and anyone else who stands in Dr. Taco's way. At some point the Cyber-Crab's microchips have a glitch and he realizes that he is fighting for the evil side. What would be more important to you? To faithfully serve your creator? Or to betray him and join the good side? It's up to you to decide…

- The game contains clicker elements
- Game palette contains 20 primary colors
- All objects in the game are animated
- Five types of weapons (blaster, submachine gun, laser, shotgun, bubble-gun)
- A dramatic story of heroism and betrayal
- Exclusive soundtrack

Install instructions

<ya-tr-span data-index="105-0" data-value="Just download and run" data-translation="Просто скачайте и запустите" data-type="trSpan">Just download and run</ya-tr-span>


Crab_Dub_Beta.exe 4 MB

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