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Hi all! My name is Anatoliy. I'm from Russia. This is a very fun game. It will make you nervous and be calm. The game has nice music and simple gameplay, but have to strain. This story is about love. Love the synapse to the gun, trying to destroy it. I have a huge desire to make this game bigger than it is. I really need your opinion. Please, if you are not indifferent to the game, email me. I will be very thankful to you!

The game has many interesting things:

  • tough puzzles,
  • enemies,
  • different balls,
  • energy fields,
  • platforms,
  • angry cubes.

Controls: use mouse.

If the level seems complicated - and wait at the bottom to receive the magic button:)

I want to make this game better. Email me and I'll do it:)

Install instructions

Download and become a friend to me:)


Enter_Synapse.exe 8 MB


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В игру можно залипнуть на долго) Один мой товарищ так увлекся, что у него пиво выдохлось) Осторожнее с игрой...