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Somewhere, in the farthest corner of Russia, you can find him: the great Russian superhero Dead Ivan! Surrounded by the most common stereotypes, he's armed with a chainsaw full of magic and is always ready for a fight! Where else can you meet a bear in boots with a balalaika and ride along with him on the back of a dragon while shooting insidious geese?

Only here, at:

Motherland of Dead Ivan!

Within this game you might find:

- Many enemies: monsters, zombies, skeletons, Count Dracula, mushrooms, and the most terrifying of them all, geese!

- 5 different types of magic!

- Total freedom of action!

- Puzzles!

- Lots of gold!

- Jokes!

- Democracy and intriguing storyline!

- And jokes! Oh, I already listed that, sorry.


  • WASD - move,
  • J - magic,
  • K - saw,
  • SPASE - use the yellow rabbit,
  • ESC - exit,
  • F4 - fullscreen,
  • enter - enter)

Good luck! Collect gold!

Install instructions

Downloaded and became a friend to me!


Russian SuperHero Dead Ivan.exe 17 MB


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Топ игра просто...Куплю в стиме,как выйдет)))

Спасибо) Приятно такое слышать) С душой делал, земля Русская помогла. Рожью золотистой вдохновлялся)

Дед Иван против зла и демократии) Веселье)